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The pressure for supply chain companies to move more inventory faster will only intensify in the coming years. Embracing technology may be the only way to prevent loss and stay in the game.
Commenco has extensive experience in wireless infrastructure (including the new OnGo Citizens Broadband Radio Service), voice and data capture networks, RFID equipment, mobile barcode scanners, industrial printers and labels, enterprise radio systems, network video surveillance, emergency responder radio coverage, panic alerts, and FCC licensing. They also have one of the largest Motorola two-way radio rental inventories in the country.
Commenco is responsible for maintaining the Mid-America Regional Council’s 911 system located in 45+ public safety dispatch centers across the region. They also designed and maintain the KC Streetcar’s Connect+ wireless network and have an excellent track record in heavily regulated industries requiring unique transparency, verification, security and reporting responsibilities.
If you're looking for expert guidance in choosing the right technology for your data center, manufacturing, logistics, or warehouse operations, please contact Commenco to schedule a free on-site demo!