KC SmartPort
April 26 | 7:30am
2017 Annual Industry Briefing

Kansas City SmartPort’s Annual Industry briefing in 2017 is Big Freight – Behind the Deals in KC’s Freight-Based Development. Big Freight is all about why and how companies go through the process of identifying the need for a new facility. Questions like where it will be located; how do local economic development teams prepare to attract these deals; and how are costs, labor, incentives, real estate and other factors involved will be answered. 

Every project that considers Kansas City has multiple parts moving together to the final decision on selecting a location. Big-Freight will dig into these moving parts and get perspectives from our speakers on how each is identified, analyzed and connected to the whole to make the decision on a new location.

On April 26, 2017 in the Grand Ballroom at Bartle Hall, SmartPort will host Big Freight – Behind the Deals in KC’s Freight-Based Development and bring together leaders from many different areas to discuss how these deals become the success of our efforts when they locate in the Kansas City region. 

More event details here.

KC SmartPort Annual Industry Briefing