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Investor Profile l Siggins Warehouse Consultants

by Morgan Bell | Jan 31, 2017

Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, Siggins is a warehouse design/build material-handling systems integrator. The company has 75 years of experience  in complete distribution center design and implementation.

A strategic analysis of its customer's receiving, storage, packing and shipping operation leads its design/build/retrofit and implementation teams to recommend alternative solutions to properly apply hardware and software to meet its customer's goals. Siggins employees are well trained to maximize the use of all cubic space. Siggins also specializes in DC relocations.

Whether a new facility or remodel of an existing operation, the efficiencies gained through best practices will result in increased storage capacity, and increased picking/shipping rates with fewer people.

To learn more, contact Gary Wilder, President and GM at gwilder@siggins.com, 816-548-3165, or visit www.siggins.com.

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