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Winning the Talent Battle

by Morgan Bell | Jan 31, 2017

Companies that obtain Veteran employees are able to thrive in ways others might not. Because of a Veteran’s background with strict discipline, orderly conduct, and hard work being a part of the job, Veterans enter companies far more prepared to handle the job than an average employee. Approximately 250,000 service members transition out of the U.S. military each year. Veterans' skills align well for the supply chain field and more companies are putting plans into place to attract military Veterans.

 A career in supply chain offers similar expectations a military base would, such as a team driven environment, process orientated tasks, and may remind Veterans of a military unit. While some companies have positions directly related to some duties that a Veteran would have had in service, other companies struggle with adjusting these jobs. To take advantage of the large number of Veteran employees that would fit well in the supply chain industry, employers must allow these positions to relate more to what veterans are used to, rather than normal civilian duties. These employers often see former service members to come in possessing several qualities such as drive, teamwork, and work ethic, which are all beneficial when working in the supply chain industry.

Both the employer and employees benefit from having Veterans be a part of a company. While it allows a new career after service for Veterans, it also provides companies with strong employees with backgrounds that are already fit for the supply chain industry.

Many organizations, such as the Veterans Employment Center, (VEC) offer ways for companies to recruit Veterans. The VEC is the Federal government’s single authoritative internet source for connecting transitioning Service members, Veterans, and their families to meaningful career opportunities. Find out more here.

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