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Zone 15 - Site 2

Zone 15 Site 2

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Site size: ±64.3 Acres
Building size: ± 2.815M-SF / ±75,000‐SF
Location: Kansas City, MO


Zone 15 - Site 2: Site 2 is 64.3 acres in a surface/underground warehouse complex located at 8300 NE Underground Drive and 3600 Great Midwest Drive in Kansas City, Missouri.  The site is operated by Hunt Midwest Real Estate Development, Inc., a company involved in building and leasing surface and subsurface facilities for light industrial and commercial uses. Authorized zone area is 2,815,000 sq. ft., of which 193,400 sq. ft. is currently active and being used as an Annex by Bayer Crop Science, LLC for storage of finished goods. In addition, Sony Corporation used approximately 103,000 sq. ft. at this site in 2009 as an Annex to their facilities in Zone 15 (Site 3B, Parcel 1, Lot C) for storage of excess inventory. There is available 925,000 sq. ft. of authorized zone area on land available for development in a modern well planned industrial park located directly over the subsurface area. Finally, the Zone site includes a 75,000 sq. ft. fenced facility at 3600 Great Midwest Drive directly south of the surface site specified above. Approved in July 2005, it is used to facilitate storage of cargo containers and has equipment capable of loading and unloading containers from tractor trailers. 

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Hunt Midwest Real Estate Development, Inc.
8300 NE Underground Drive
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Terminal Consolidation
Kansas City Piggyback
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