1307-11 Vernon Street


Property Information 
 Address: 1307-11 Vernon Street, North Kansas City, MO
 County: Clay
 Acres: 5.52 - acres 
 Available Sq. Ft.: 144,031
 Ceiling Peak (Ft.): 24'
 Year Built: 1967/1973
 Primary Building Type: Distribution
 Parking: Trailer/Truck - South end of the building
Auto - North end of the building
 Construction Type: Brick and Block
 Former Use: Unknown
 Rail Served: Inside rail spur
 Other Available Information: Brochure

Broker Information 
 Name: Michael R. Block, CPM 
 Company: Block Real Estate Services
 Phone: 816.932.5549 
 Email: mblock@blockllc.com 

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