About KC SmartPort

KC SmartPort is a non-profit economic development organization that works to attract freight-based companies, such as manufacturing, distribution and warehouses, to the 18 county, bi-state Kansas City region.

Origins of KC SmartPort

The Kansas City area has a historic link to the development and evolution of the transportation and distribution sectors, resulting from its early days as a trading post and site of the first permanent rail crossing over the Missouri River.

Today, international trade is an important opportunity in the Midwest region. The 1998 Mid-Continent TradeWay Study reinforced this reality. This study found that a significant amount of international cargo is already processed in or passes through the Kansas City region. In addition, NAFTA trade in Kansas and Missouri is growing, and opportunities exist to provide value-added services for NAFTA goods to process more freight in the Greater Kansas City Area. The study also showed that the area needed a single organization with the sole focus of growing the transportation industry; enter KC SmartPort.

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