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DSI® Cloud Inventory®

Cloud Inventory® powers breakthrough inventory control. DSI cloud-based and on-premise inventory management solutions offer real-time, end-to-end visibility at every touchpoint in the supply chain, from the warehouse to the field. The company’s robust solutions help clients increase productivity, compliance, inventory optimization, and revenue generation. The DSI global team has the supply chain expertise to deliver solutions that solve today’s business challenges by providing true inventory visibility and control. The team proudly serves more than 3,000 customers around the world in such industries as: manufacturing and distribution, medical device, construction and engineering, oil and energy, utilities, and food and beverage.
For over 40 years, DSI has been a part of the supply chain community in Kansas City – and proud of it. The company is dedicated to adding value to the mission of KC SmartPort with supply chain expertise and in promotion of the city as we interact with customers and prospects around the world. DSI creates and delivers world-class solutions that enable both local and international customers to run businesses more efficiently, serve customers better, and drive sustainable growth.

To learn more about what a digital supply chain can do for your business, visit cloudinventory.com.

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