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June 24, 2021
Kansas City Convention Center 

The KC SmartPort 12th Annual Industry Briefing, KC DELIVERS, will focus on the rapid changes occurring in the food and beverage sector. Multiple topics will be covered, including food and beverage production and the technologies used, how consumers buy food and beverage products, as well as food and beverage distribution and delivery in an on demand world. 

2019 Annual Industry Briefing Recap 

KC SmartPort held their 11th Annual Industry Briefing FLEX on April 4, 2019. A expert panel of leaders from Amazon, Cushman & Wakefield, BNSF Railway and Heitman Architects addressed a crowd of more than 550 logistics, real estate and economic development professionals.

Mike Grella, Amazon’s director of economic development from 2012-19, was the keynote speaker for the event. Other speakers included Karl Heitman, president, Heitman Architects, who has 30 years of experience in corporate facility design, plus a unique understanding of “Manufacturing 4.0” technologies and digital connectivity, Colby Tanner, assistant vice president, BNSF Railway, who is responsible for directing, planning and implementing the location and expansion of industries within the BNSF System and Ann Petersen, managing director, Cushman & Wakefield, with 15 years of experience in economic development negotiations, including coordination and implementation of incentives.

Event speakers discussed the ways companies and organizations are adapting to changes and opportunities by implementing flexible practices and flexible supply chains. Companies are facing rapid transformation in workforce development, transportation flexibility and space usage/design. 

FLEX | KC SmartPort 2019 Industry Briefing from Hint on Vimeo.

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