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Workforce Initiative Highlight | KC Tech Academy

by Mary Rooney | Nov 05, 2019

KC Tech Academy (KCTA) is an industry-driven regional advanced manufacturing training initiative created by corporate leaders to build a strong future pipeline of skilled production and industrial talent in the KC region. 

Through partnerships with local high school districts and skilled industry professionals, KC Tech Academy offers a two-year training program for local high school students to earn a high school diploma and market value assets in a real world learning environment. The program is free to students so there is no debt incurred. 

The KCTA curriculum is structured by industry, and instruction is provided by a combination of professional educators and real-world subject matter experts with industry standard tools. Because KCTA is industry led, the program has the flexibility to rapidly respond to changing market dynamics and industry needs. Training is focused on creating hands-on learning opportunities in advanced manufacturing to develop and execute practical solutions. Students also participate in internships as part of their training.

Completion of the two-year training course allows graduating students to be workforce ready with a well-paying and highly sought-after technical skill set right after high school. Students earn core credit towards their high school diploma for attending the KCTA program. KCTA is also very close to finalizing a pending partnership that will afford students industry recognized credentials and potential for post-secondary academic credit. Be looking for that exciting news to come soon regarding this partnership!

If students decide to go directly into the workforce, they will have the necessary skills to obtain a job between $45K and $55K per year. With additional training, which many employers will help cover the cost of, students can easily earn $65K-$85K a year.

This model currently serves juniors and seniors in high school and will be expanding the offering to the adult population in the spring of 2020. The program began in the fall of 2018 with six students. Long term goals include 120 K-12 student graduates by year three and 160 by year 5; 120 corporate sponsored adult workers by year three; and 120 “new to manufacturing” adults by year 4.

KC Tech Academy’s vision is to be the most efficient creator of top skilled professionals with the highest placement rate into the manufacturing industry and no debt to the student. This will be accomplished through collaboration with all levels of education and broad representation from industry.

To learn more, visit kctechacademy.com or contact Kim Palomarez, KC Tech Academy Executive Director.

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