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Investor Profile | McCownGordon Construction

by Mary Rooney | Dec 01, 2020

McCownGordon Construction was founded in 1999 on a simple premise: focusing on core values of integrity, relationships and performance creates a different kind of construction company. The firm strives to deliver the best building experience — for clients, partners, team and community — during every step of the process. Today, McCownGordon is recognized as one of the region’s largest construction managers.

McCownGordon understands there is no one-size-fits-all approach to the industrial market. Whether it’s a manufacturing plant, logistics facility or a new warehouse, each project is unique and calls for a tailored approach. The team always looks at it with fresh eyes to determine project requirements, like capacity, power and critical equipment. McCownGordon provides value engineering solutions that address the specific challenges, including the appropriate cost and performance needed to maintain and operate facilities efficiently.

The firm knows how these facilities work and knows the end product drives business. That is why McCownGordon maintains a tight schedule for the earliest time-to-market. The schedules take into account all critical elements including special equipment requirements, start-up and commissioning to ensure the predictable result the client demands.

McCownGordon services include: 

  • Preconstruction: From identifying opportunities to site selection and feasibility studies to financing and ROI analysis, McCownGordon considers the entire lifecycle of the building. Then the preconstruction and construction management teams provide guidance and insights. Integrating the McCownGordon team into the process from the start provides lasting value.

  • Technology: McCownGordon uses advanced digital tools to add value throughout the timeline of the project. Collaboration is possible through Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), cloud computing and mobile technology. McCownGordon has a team of innovators who dedicate their time to researching and testing the latest emerging technology, bringing the best option to clients for a better building experience.

  • Specialty Services: A team consisting of engineers, trade partners, architects and code officials who became experts in their fields and joined McCownGordon to better help clients during preconstruction and construction. Because this robust department has been on all sides of the table they see the project through multiple lenses. Specialty Services compliments the project team and provides an unparalleled knowledge and focus.

For more information visit mccowngordon.com or contact James Isom.

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