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Investor Profile | Cayman Express, LLC & Transportation Logistics Systems Inc.

by Mary Rooney | May 03, 2022

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to fulfilling transportation and warehousing needs. Each customer is unique with their own set of expectations and requirements. The respective services offered by Cayman Express, LLC and Transportation Logistics Systems Inc. together yield the opportunity to tailor the offerings to successfully meet customer demands.

Transportation Logistics Systems Inc (TLSI)
was founded in 1992 and serves as a third-party logistics provider offering customers full-service freight management and warehousing resources. TLSI encompasses a culture of caring. Its motto “Our Role is to Keep Your Freight Rolling” is supported in the TLSI method of servicing its customers. The TLSI brokerage firm takes the time to learn each customer’s objectives, what is important, understanding any risks and how to build a partnership. The company understands that a positive experience matters, and this is central in how TLSI provides logistics solutions.

In creating that unique solution, its team of experienced logistics experts customize scheduling, provide end-to-end trackability, arrange warehousing services, offer on-demand reporting and deliver communications to keep the supply chain moving forward. Look to TLSI to be the “in-house” transportation department.

Noteworthy is TLSI’s history of providing 3PL services for some of Kansas City’s most momentous projects, including precast concrete for the T-Mobile (Sprint) Center, floor and ceiling tiles for the AMC Corporate Headquarters, railed building materials for Cerner’s Continuous Campus, and flat bed solutions for the structural steel for the National Nuclear Security Administration Building. Our most recent project is the new Kansas City International Airport – 1) Hauling precast concrete for the parking garage, 2) Shipping and warehousing the entire four miles of conveyors and parts for the baggage claim system. 3) In addition, TLSI procured a combination of rail, flat beds, and step-decks to bring all the escalators and elevators for the entire complex to the new airport. 

Cayman Color Logo
In 2015, Cayman Express, LLC was started to service the needs of a specific customer. Cayman Express is still servicing this Fortune 500 customer today and now operates a 25-truck fleet of dry vans.  Industries it has grown to serve include food, packaging, rail, agriculture, automotive, building materials, non-hazardous chemicals and machinery.

The Cayman Express courteous, seasoned drivers make the difference, which have helped the company earn a reputation of professionalism and dependability. To achieve this, Cayman Express strongly believes in and provides continual driver development and safety training. Its drivers and the community’s safety is a company value that will not be compromised. To complete this top-notch service, the Cayman Express dispatch team uses an effective system of customer communication, scheduling and planning to follow through on commitments to on-time pickup, delivery and customer satisfaction.

Whether working with TLSI or Cayman Express, both understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to transportation, freight management and warehousing. Each customer has requirements and timeframes. The companies are happy to provide a tailored approach and the services necessary to have the freight hauled and/or warehoused to surpass each customer’s expectations and provide support from the Heart of America.

To learn more about Transportation Logistics Systems, Inc and Cayman Express, LLC, please contact Jennifer Juarez, visit translogsys.com or follow on LinkedIn at Cayman Express and Transportation Logistics Systems.


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