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Workforce Highlight | Northland Center for Advanced Professional Studies

by Mary Rooney | May 03, 2022

By Kindyl Jones - KC SmartPort Intern, Northland CAPS Student

The Northland Center for Advanced Professional Studies (Northland CAPS) is a program for high school juniors and seniors in the northern area of the Kansas City metro. Student associates are exposed to a different kind of education in which they are involved in the business world and learn essential professional skills that will give them an upper hand when it comes time to enter the workforce. 

The learning experience and curriculum structure at Northland CAPS is real-time and ever-changing to accommodate the skills that are in high demand for the current workforce. During the first semester, the associates are taught essential professional skills such as communication and collaboration, time and project management, critical thinking and problem solving, and more. After learning and being able to execute these skills, the student associates are given the opportunity to engage with business professionals, working on projects in small teams to gain experience in the professional world. During the second semester, the student associates apply and interview for an internship that will take place from January to May. These internships help student associates to further their decision on what career they want to pursue. 

By the time student associates exit the program, they have gained internship experience as a high school student, essential professional skills, a network of helpful connections and a better understanding of the professional world. 

To learn more about Northland CAPS click here.

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