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Investor Profile | Priority Logistics / LK Transport

by Mary Rooney | Jan 12, 2022

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Priority Logistics, Inc. 

Priority Logistics, Inc. is a full-service supply chain logistics company providing services to businesses of all sizes around the world. Its supply chain solutions include international services, long-haul, TL, LTL, rail and freight-audit-and-pay. In addition, Priority Logistics has multiple warehouses with rail access across the U.S.

Priority Logistics is headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas. After 21 years in operation, the company came under new ownership at the beginning of 2021. A logistics industry executive with more than 18-years of executive transportation management experience now leads the company. Since then, Priority Logistics has expanded its leadership staff and has grown by more than an order of magnitude. The leadership team’s experience and industry knowledge has the ability to approach problem solving from a direction that others never recognize. Maximizing vast resources and cutting costs in every leg of the supply chain to provide a seamless door-to-door solution is what Priority Logistics does. 

The team’s depth of knowledge refuses to be limited to the conventions that have crippled the supply chain for the last 18 months. Priority Logistics prides itself in providing solutions for customers, spending the time to learn who they are and understand their goals. The customer is considered a member of the Priority Logistics family. 

The company embraces solutions that use advanced technology and processes to deliver full logistics, consulting, and warehousing and storage services nationwide. Priority Logistics will always lead with the best solution.

LK Transport, LLC. 

LK Transport is an asset-based regional transportation provider focusing on the Kansas City Market as a container freight station. The company is bonded to manage international shipping and handling. Additionally, LK Transport is a full-service provider for domestic truckload, LTL, and hotshot's regional asset provider. It is a people centric and customer focused organization proven to build a positive customer experience.

To learn more about Priority Logistics or LK Transport, please contact Dustin Knoche or visit priority-logistics.com.

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