Why Kansas City 

Kansas City has several key components that make it an excellent hub for all transportation and logistics operations:


  • The largest rail center in the United States by tonnage with four of the Class 1 rail lines intersecting in the region (BNSF, CP/KCS, NS, UP).
  • With an extensive rail and highway infrastructure, Kansas City is an ideal location for intermodal activity and is home to four intermodal parks.
  • Located on the largest navigable inland waterway (MO/MS River system).
  • Located at the intersection of four of the nation’s major interstate highways (I-35, I-70, I-29, I-49) with 30% more interstate miles per capita than any other city in the nation.
  • A business friendly Foreign Trade Zone program that can activate space in under 45 days.
  • The Kansas City International Airport moves more air cargo each year than any air center in a six-state region. A new KCI single airport terminal opened in February 2023. 

KC Target Industries


In the last 5 years, the Kansas City area has successfully attracted eCommerce companies pledging to create more than 10,650 jobs, invest $1.9 billion and occupy 17.8 million square feet. The Kansas City region’s central location and available skilled workforce are key to a successful eCommerce strategy. Learn more.


The Kansas City region is the number 2 auto industry trading hub in North America, according to the Brookings Institute, and employs more than 23,000 individuals in transportation manufacturing. The transportation manufacturing industry in Kansas City is valued at $19 billion and produces over 762,000 vehicles each year. In the last decade, the Kansas City region has seen significant economic investment from the automotive sector. Learn more.

Food & Beverage
More than 680 food and beverage companies call Kansas City home and it’s not hard to see why. Kansas City’s food and beverage industry continues to thrive with proximity to agriculture markets, advanced logistics infrastructure and industry-specific talent. The food and beverage industry employees more than 26,500 people in the Kansas City region. Learn more.

The Kansas City region has established itself as the leading center for trade and distribution within the central United States. Kansas City is experiencing one of the largest industrial booms in its history and is a center of choice for warehousing and distribution operations. Business has prospered due in large part to the region’s abundant, multi-modal transportation network. Learn more

About KC SmartPort

Promoting the KC market’s status as a leading North American manufacturing and logistics hub, KC SmartPort is the region’s industrial business attraction organization, representing 18-counties in Kansas and Missouri.

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