Kanza Fire Commerce Park

Kanza Fire Commerce Park

Property Information 
 Address: SW 77th St and Topeka Blvd Topeka, KS
 County: Shawnee 
 Acres: Total of 1,018 Acres- 868 Available Acres 
 Available Sq. Ft.: Build-To-Suit
 Ceiling Peak (Ft.): Build-To-Suit
 Year Built: Build-To-Suit
 Primary Building Type: Build-To-Suit
 Parking: Build-To-Suit
 Construction Type: Build-To-Suit
 Former Use: Build-To-Suit 
 Rail Served: Yes, served by BNSF Railway
 Other Available Information: Brochure 

Broker Information 
 Name: Molly Howey 
 Company: GoTopeka
 Phone: 785-246.6174
 Email: mhowey@gotopeka.com

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