Workforce Development 

Because of its central location and easy access to all major modes of transportation, the Kansas City region is the top tier logistics hub. As the crossroads of North America, Kansas City offers a strong advantage as 85 percent of the U.S. population can be reached from a Kansas City location within two days or less. In addition to the growth of manufacturing and distribution centers in the region, four large intermodal projects have been developed, creating thousands of jobs.

Kansas City understands supply chain. A diligent, Midwestern work ethic and access to education are just a few reasons why the workforce in Kansas City is one of the best in the country. Currently there are several local training programs in the area focused on preparing the labor force for the current and upcoming jobs in the transportation and logistics industry. Numerous educational institutions around the Kansas City region have supply chain management programs in place. The University of Kansas is home to one of the top 25 for U.S. university supply chain management programs. 

The Kansas City area has a historic link to the development and evolution of the transportation and distribution sectors. As the supply chain hub, the Kansas City region is dedicated to identifying the training needs for the industry and advancing the best supply chain workforce available. 

What is Supply Chain Management?

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